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1. Organization, History and Duties
Coordinating with the Organization Act of Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics(DGBAS) under the Executive Yuan promulgated by the President on February 3, 2012 and implemented from February 6, 2012, the Department of Planning was hereby set to strengthen DGBAS’s capacity of policy planning and evaluation. The department’s main duties are to handle the R&D and evaluation of BAS system, and other matters related to overall staff operations for “Executive Yuan Internal Control Promotion and Supervision Task Force” in accordance with provisions of “Guidelines for Establishment of Executive Yuan Internal Control Promotion and Supervision Task Force”, to handle the planning and supervision of government internal control affairs.

Main Duties:
(1)To plan and coordinate BAS policies, laws and regulations;
(2)To plan, research and develop the BAS system;
(3)To compile and evaluate the DGBAS administrative plan;
(4)To manage the DGBAS’ legal affairs;
(5)To plan, promote and coordinate the DGBAS’ administrative efficiency, public service work, and service quality;
(6)To comprehensively plan and conduct the DGBAS’ important meetings, and to compile operation report;
(7)To plan, research and develop the government internal control system;
(8)Matters related to promotion and supervision of government internal control system;
(9)Other matters related to comprehensive planning.
2. Organizational Division
The Department with 23 persons as the headcount is divided into a Senior Executive Office and four sections as follows:
(1)Senior Executive Office
In charge of supervision on the research of BAS system, administrative plan and evaluation, legal affairs operation and the planning and supervision of government internal control.
(2)Planning and Research Section
In charge of improving and developing BAS policies and systems, and coordinating the developments of BAS laws, regulations and procedures.
(3)Administrative Evaluation Section
In charge of the management of execution planning, performance evaluation, legal affairs and important meetings.
(Tel. No.: 02-23803823)
(4)Internal Control Planning Section
In charge of continuously collecting and studying the theoretical development and practical operation of internal control in domestic and foreign governments and enterprises.
(Tel. No.: 02-23803831)
(5)Internal Control Supervision Section
In charge of overseeing all the administrative agencies to review and improve the existing deficiencies, report important issues, and supervise the subordinate agencies to implement the internal control effectively.
(Tel. No.: 02-23803836)
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  • Update date:2004-12-21