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1. Organization, History and Duties
        For early training for BAS personnel, sporadically short-term training or workshop was conducted most as business needs due to the reason of training ground. >From the first-term training started by Training Institute, Ministry of Finance through commission by “BAS Personnel Course” which was founded with task force in August 1980, the BAS personnel training began on the right track.  Till November 2000, total 31 terms of training course have been conducted in Guangbo Building, and Banqiao Professional Education Center, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan. To hope continuous innovation and improvement to meet the needs of times, and recognize the importance of BAS manpower resource development, it actively planed Quchi old office to convert into a multi-purpose training center. On January 1, 2001, “BAS Personnel Training Course” was restructured into “BAS Personnel Training Center” still by task force approach to open a new era of BAS personnel training.  In order to enhance the efficacy of BAS personnel training to reach the goal as integration of training and employment, the BAS Training Center as a permanent task force expressively was set forth in the Regulations for Departmental affairs of DGBAS, to be in line with the organizational restructuring of Executive Yuan on February 6, 2012.

Main Business:

(1) To prepare and amend yearly BAS personnel training implementation plan;

(2) To implement yearly BAS personnel training implementation plan;

(3) To teach and guide yearly BAS personnel training trainees;

(4) To handle R&D of yearly BAS personnel training;

(5) To provide such services as agency training, or lending the training ground.

2. Organizational Business Division
This Center consists of two divisions for business operation.

(1) Academic Affair Division:in charge of the planning of training programs and projects, the implementation of tuitions, the research and development of training techniques and methods ,the research and development of training staffs, the planning and execution of training courses, to promote E-learning and internet website, the retainment and management of tutors and seminars, the preparation of teaching and reference staffs, students training assignment, examination, enrollment management of BAS etc. (Contact Tel:02-26665520 ext 104)

(2) General Affairs Division:in charge of the general affairs, cashier,  documentations and the spatial planning of dormitory, classroom, DGBAS museum , library and restaurant, the properties management, files and records management etc.(Contact Tel:02-26665520 ext 112)

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