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The department is composed of 4 sections, which are in charge of reviewing and revising laws and regulations related to Accounting Act, preparing bulletins that outline standards of governmental accounting, following up on and controlling budget implementation, preparing central government's general and subsidiary agency financial statements, preparing semi-annual financial statements of the central government's general and subsidiary agency budgets, approving various accounting systems, promoting  the governmental financial reporting , improving internal review mechanisms, and conducting accounting affairs training.

1. Reviewing and revising laws and regulations related to the Accounting Act

To cope with dramatic changes in the political and economic environment, accounting-related laws and regulations are reviewed and revised. Furthermore, in order for the government accounting practice to conform to world trends, theoretical and methodological approaches, the general accounting system and the common rules for ordinary government activities accounting system of the central government are reviewed and revised.

2. Preparing bulletins detailing governmental accounting standards

In order to accelerate the development of the government accounting, the governmental accounting standards are established and revised. Nowadays three concepts statements and eleven pronouncements have been announced, and more bulletins will be published in the future.

3. Following up on and controling of budget implementation

To effectively monitor implementation of the central government's general budget (including state-owned enterprise and nonprofit subsidiary agency budgets), the budget implementation data of all agencies are collected, compiled and analyzed monthly, with these results being followed up on. Budget implementation -related information is made available on the DGBAS website to the general public, so as to be more open, timely and understandable.

4. Preparing central government general & subsidiary agency financial statements and central government general & subsidiary agency budget semi-annual financial statements

Every fiscal year, according to the Financial Statement Act, financial statements on the previous year's central government general and subsidiary agency final accounts are prepared. Semi-annual financial statements on current-year central government general and subsidiary agencies' budgets are prepared as well. Announcements of final reports and semi-annual reports will help achieve objectives of increasing financial transparency and having credit with the public.

5. Approving various accounting systems

Accounting systems are the criteria for agencies' budget implementation and accounting processes. In order for various types of accounting systems to be implemented effectively, we simplify the review and operating procedures, to speed up the approval of the accounting systems.

6. Promoting the governmental financial reporting

DGBAS deliberates on expert opinions and governmental accounting theories to improve on various funds' accounting operations. To cooperate with fund budgets' structural reforms, existing governmental accounting structure is being reviewed and revised in an effort to improve the government's financial reporting.

7. Strengthening internal review mechanisms
In order to effectively enhance and ensure the quality of the government accounting work, the Handbook of Expenditure Standards and Inspecting Process is published and taken as training materials/ reference tools on the internal review work for BAS personnel. It specifies the criteria for all accounting documents, standards granting expenditure approval, and internal review procedures, etc. for the purpose of improving accounting operation's quality.

8. Conducting accounting affairs training

To enable better understanding of financial statements, accounting procedures, internal review and accounting systems, training courses are given to BAS personnel. Personnel are appointed to give lectures at seminars arranged by county/city governments as part of BAS personnel's on-the-job training.

  • Post date:2012-04-26
  • Update date:2022-11-14