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The department is composed of 7 sections, which are in charge of statistical regulations and standards, statistical administration and management, social indicators statistics, price statistics, national accounts statistics, supply and demand of national aggregate resource, economic forecast, inter-industry statistics, and statistical Information service.

1. Statistics regulations and standards, statistical administration and management

In order to meet the requirements for socioeconomic changes and statistical development, all statistical regulations and standards are reviewed regularly and amended when needed. DGBAS has established the Statistics Act, the Enforcement Rules of Statistics Act, the Standard Industrial Classification, the Standard Occupational Classification, etc.

Official statistics represents the process and result how effectively government agencies perform their duties. To strengthen the management of official statistics, an information system had been established to simplify the process of adding, deleting and revising official statistics tables. To raise the credibility of statistics and enable transparency administrative information, Rules of Governing Release of Statistics are published and rigorously enforced.

2. Social statistics

To illustrate the social trends and national welfare development in Taiwan, we compile social protection expenditure and collaborate with statistical agencies of ministries to establish and strengthen social statistics. We also release analyses of Social Statistics.

3. Price statistics

To measure the changes over time in the prices of various commodities and services, the Consumer, Wholesale, Import/Export and Construction Price Indices are compiled monthly. These indices and related publications are be released on the fifth day (postpone to the next working day if on holiday) after the end of the reference month.

4. National accounts statistics

National accounts statistics, representing the nationwide economic status, is compiled according to System of National Accounts (SNA) 2008, published jointly by United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Commission of the European Communities.
The advance estimates are released by one month after the end of the reference quarter, preliminary results are compiled in the successive month and published in the second half of February, May, August and November, after reviewing by the Committee of National Accounts. Annual revisions for the latest 2 years' data and quinquennial revisions for the whole series are published in each November and every 5 years in years ending in "4" and "9", respectively.

5. Economic forecast

DGBAS regularly collect the intelligences of Taiwan and global economic situations, cope with the information from own macro-econometric model to update Taiwan economic forecasts for the upcoming 3 to 6 quarters. Meanwhile, to collaborate with the preparation of the central government annual budget and provide the information for the review of budget to the Legislative Yuan, the predictions of national aggregate supply and demand are conducted for the purpose of reasonable and efficient resource allocations.

6. Inter-industry statistics

This statistics is compiled based on the input and output of all industrial sectors and analyzed to demonstrate the interrelationships among different industrial sectors. The statistical results are presented in a matrix format. In order to coordinate with the Industry and Service Census, the benchmark tables of Supply and Use Tables (SUTs) and Input-Output Tables (IOTs) are compiled every 5 years (for years that end with a 1 or 6). For annual tables, the SUTs have been compiled according to the national income and related survey statistics.

7. Statistics Service

To improve statistics service, we reinforce the management of statistical data, which includes establishment and maintenance of statistical database as well as promotion of statistics use. Moreover, we implement business informationization in collaboration with statistical development. In order to deliver the prompt and precise information service of official statistics, the website of National Statistics is enriched and updated periodically.

  • Post date:2012-05-02
  • Update date:2022-11-14