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The department is composed of 8 sections, which are in charge of the planning, compilation, reviewing and implementation of the central government general budget, revision of budget-related laws, regulations and operating procedures, calculation and evaluation of central government subsidies to local governments, as well as supervising county/city government budgeting affairs.
1. Implementing policies in accordance with Budget Act
National resources are reasonably and efficiently distributed through budget compilation, review, implementation and examination in order to achieve the government policy objectives. In compliance with the Budget Act strictly, current revenues and expenditures of the government shall be balanced, and the expenditures incurred as a result of fulfillment of legal obligations must be scrupulously compiled.
2. Reviewing and revising regulations of budget compilation and implementation
To improve budget preparation, review and implementation, each year while planning the budget, the budget structure, account classification, budget content, compilation and review procedures and implementation regulations are reviewed ahead. The aim of such procedures is to simplify the procedures of budget compilation and review, and make better use of resources.
3. Planning and compiling the annual Central Government General Budget
While preparing the annual central government general budget proposal in accordance with the policy goal and the practice requirement of every agency, review the excision of the low performance expenditure and distribute resource carefully in order to achieve the goals of fiscal consolidation, economic development, environmental sustainability and social justice.
4. Fulfilling medium-term budget operation system
To ensure the medium and long-term project review matching with the fiscal capacity, avoid excessive expansion during planning, and connect the projects with budgeting, the 4-year mid-term budget estimates quota of annual expenditures is ratified and allocated to all administrative agencies based on supply and demand projections. Every agency shall comprehensively review its existing projects and the resource utilization according to the medium-term resource allocation policy and adhere to the spirit of the zero-based budget in accord with overall policy priorities that consider appropriate resource allocation.
5. Improving the central government subsidy system and supervising the local government budget preparation and implementation affairs
(1) To improve the central government subsidy system, the general subsidies are continually calculated formulaically and transparently. The subsidies performance evaluation system is enhanced on the spirit of self-responsibility in fiscal management, and general subsidies received by local governments are allocated to projects related to the public welfare as priority items. As for project subsidies, the examination and evaluation of projects and subsequent performance evaluation system are enhanced by each ministry and agency for taking full advantage of resource integration.
(2) To set up a uniform budget compilation and review principles for every municipal city, county/city, and township within its jurisdiction, issue expenditure standards and related regulations annually, and supervise and examine the local government’s budget compilation and implementation persistently.

  • Post date:2004-12-21
  • Update date:2004-12-21