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1. Organization, History and Duties
To respond to the need of the Basic National Census and Survey and the promotion of large sampling survey business, the DGBAS cut down and merged original Census Committee and Labor Survey Committee to establish a dedicated unit named Fourth Bureau by unit order in July 1983.
It is in charge of national survey, administrative management and handling important census and sampling survey business. Since then, the national survey work is getting into the track to accumulate work experience, cultivate professional talents, and develop new survey techniques and methods, in order to reach the ultimate goal that the survey information support national development.
Additionally, the Census Committee was set, instructing experts and scholars as members, to meet regularly to review a variety of census and sample survey programs, plans, methods and statistical results.
In 2012, to be in line with organizational transformation of Executive Yuan, the Fourth Bureau was restructured as Department of Census, and the Data Development Section was added to handle the construction and development operation of GIS and census database.
Main Business
(1) Conducting Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Animal Husbandry Census and sampling survey of project hereof;
(2) Conducting Industry, Commerce and Service Census and sampling survey of project hereof;
(3) Compiling National Wealth Statistics; managing statistical surveys and primary statistical network;
(4) Conducting Manpower Survey and the attached sampling survey hereof;
(5) Conducting Employee Earnings Survey; compiling Productivity Statistics;
(6) Constructing and developing Geographic Information System and census database;
(7) Conducting Population and Housing Census, and comprehensive administration.
2. Organizational Business Division
The Department has 83 employees:69 establishment staff, 1 research committeeman, 6 researchers, 3 recommended appointment specialists, and 4 contract employees, and is divided into a Counselor’s Office and seven sections. The business division is as follow:
Counselor’s Office
In charge of preparation, verification and interpretation of census and sampling survey, national wealth and productivity statistics systems, laws and regulations, statistical techniques and analysis.
(Tel : 02-23803555)
Agriculture Census Section
It conducts the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Animal Husbandry Census every five years and the sampling survey irregularly, in order to understand the resource distribution and operation status of agriculture, forestry, fishing and animal husbandry as the references for the Government to draw up agricultural policy and for industries to set operating policy.
(Tel : 02-23803562)
Economic Census Section
It conducts the Industry, Commerce and Service Census every five years by way of both census and sampling survey, in order to understand the resource distribution and operation status of industry, commerce and service as the references for the Government to plan economy development and for industries to promote business.
(Tel: 02-23803575)
Survey Management Section
1. National Wealth Statistics
In accordance with provisions of Article 29 of Budget Act, the Statistics on National Wealth should be compiled annually using such information as related industry, commerce and enterprise surveys, budget and financial statement of governments at all levels, official archives of property registration and tax registration of all sectors.
2. Survey Management
Every survey held by government agency toward private individuals, households, legal persons or groups is managed, tracked and evaluated at any time, and also being evaluated periodically. This section also is in charge of the management of the Fundamental Statistics Enumerator System to collect basic survey data.
(Tel: 02-23803588)
Manpower Survey Section
It conducts Manpower Survey every month to present manpower structure, employment and unemployment of civilian population aged 15 and over as references for preparation of economic development plan and determination of manpower policy. In addition, Manpower Utilization Survey is conducted annually as its supplement. 
(Tel: 02-23803600)
Employee Earnings Survey Section
1.Employee Earnings Survey
It conducts the Employee Earnings Survey every month to produce and publish the number of employees, earnings, working hours, and turnover of employees of different industries as references for preparation of economic development plan, business operation and manpower planning. Project surveys, Employee Turnover and Movement Survey and Job Vacancy and Employment Status Survey, etc. are conducted yearly also.
2. Productivity Statistics
In order to evaluate the usage efficiency of various production factors and industrial competitiveness, it produces monthly labor productivity by net production, quarterly labor productivity by value-added and yearly capital productivity and multifactor productivity.
(Tel: 02-23803625)
Data Development Section
It handles the construction and development operation of census GIS, to increase the division of census districts, survey operation quality and the benefit of census information application; in addition, it handles the construction and development of census database to support census and sampling survey, as well as related information needs.
Population Census Section
The primary purpose of conducting the Population and Housing Census decennially is to collect data on the quality and quantity of the resident population and housing in Taiwan-Fukien area to implement national policies and plans . Other related sample surveys are carried out irregularly.
(Tel: 02-23803645)
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