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Introduction to the General Budget of the Central Government and Subordinate unit Budget
  1. The budget is the strategy of financial planning that the government sets up to implement government affairs and to achieve the policy goals. The budget is also a concrete digital characterization of government's comprehensive policy implementation. The government either is engaged in construction or provides services to the people, shall be duly drew up a plan in advance to raise financial resources with a view to the successful implementation and optimum allocation of the country's overall resources.
  2. In accordance with the provisions of the Budget Act, our government fiscal year starts from January 1 of each year to the end of December 31 of the same year, and is named for the era year of the Republic of China. Four months before every fiscal year, the Executive Yuan should submit the general budget of the central government, subordinate unit budget and summation tables to Legislative Yuan for review. A budget proposal that has gone through the legislative procedure and announced by the President shall be referred to as a "legal budget".
  3. The general budget is the entire budget the government compiles in each fiscal year, covering annual revenues, annual expenditures, bond issuance and borrowing, appropriotion from previous year's surplus and debt repayment. The annual revenues and annual expenditures of the general budget shall be compiled according to the overall annual revenues and annual expenditures of each unit budget and the annual revenues and annual expenditures of the subordinate unit budget which shall be included.
  4. The government sets up unit budget to promote the general affairs at home and abroad and policy planning, such as interior affairs, national defense and foreign affairs . On the other hand, the Government sets up special funds, such as Taiwan Power Company and the Executive Yuan Development Fund, in the name of subordinate unit budget.
  • Post date:2009-10-20
  • Update date:2009-10-20