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In accordance with the Organization Act of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) under the Executive Yuan, the DGBAS is headed by one Minister, one Political Deputy Minister, one Administrative Deputy Minister and one Chief Secretary. Under them are 7 departments that handle the planning and research of the BAS system, planning and supervision of government internal control affairs, the budgets of general fund and special fund, governmental accounting management and financial reporting, national statistics, censuses, surveys, as well as evaluating and providing guidance on the computer-related affairs of each government agency. Other administrative units include the Secretariat, Department of Personnel, Civil Service Ethics Office and BAS Office. The Board of Comptrollers, consisting of the Minister, Deputy Ministers, Chief Secretary and the Comptrollers, serves as the highest decision-making unit of the DGBAS. In addition, there are 3 task committees, such as BAS Training Center, Laws and Regulations Committee, and National Accounts Statistics Review Committee, have been set up to handle related affairs. These committees consist of professional experts and advisors.

The DGBAS organizational system is used to form the BAS agencies for governments at all levels. As of Jun. 2013, a total of 4,290 agencies had been set up, including 1,251 at the central level and 3,039 at the local level. In terms of function, there are 980 BAS agencies (including accounting and statistics agencies), 3,183 accounting agencies, and 127 statistics agencies.
BAS Agencies Nationwide

DGBAS manpower
At the end of Jun. 2013, there were 787 employees (including contract labor, janitors, mechanics, drivers) of DGBAS.  By educational attainment, 34.3% were with a bachelor's degree, 31.9% with a master's degree and 18.4% with a junior college diploma.
Statistical Analysis of BAS Personnel

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