Population and Housing Census

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Will the collected data be disclosed?
A household survey is already conducted in regular administrative districts; why is it necessary to conduct the Population and Housing Census?
What benefits can the public receive by participating in this census?
How can census results be obtained?
How to verify the identity of the census and the enumerators?
How many times has the Population and Housing Census been conducted? What is the legal basis of the census?
Why the government still needs to conduct the Population and Housing Census when it already had household registration data, the real estate registration management system and the land administration information system?
Who must participate in the census?
How are census forms ultimately disposed of?
Doesn't everyone have to participate in the census? Why do I have to give census information, but my neighbor or friend in the other community don't have to take part?
Can I also fill out census form online as I file my tax return?
Can I refuse to participate in the census if questions related to confidential personal information?