Department of Information Management

  • Post date:2012/2/6
  • Update date:2012/2/6

The department is composed of 5 sections, which are responsible for planning, coordination and actuation of Budget, Accounting and Statistics(BAS) information service; development and management of common BAS information systems and service network; planning and administration of information security.

1. Planning, coordination and actuation of BAS Information Service

In accordance with the requirements of government BAS function, our vision is to "deepen BAS information service utilization to enhance the information value" and "strengthen BAS information management to increase service efficiency". Aligning with prospective information technology trends, we establish the strategies, goals and common standards of BAS information services, and coordinate data exchange and integration across government organizations. Through providing quality information service, we expect to enhance BAS operation efficiencies and as a supplemental tool to achieve government administration goals.

2. Development and management of common BAS information systems

In order to strengthen BAS information management and to enhance information service efficiency, we centralized the development of common BAS applications, such as Government Budget Accounting Information Management System(GBA), Government Profit/Non-profit Special Funds Budget Accounting Information Management System(NBA/PBA), the County/City Budget Accountant and Fiscal System(CBA), the County/City Easy-use Accounting Affair Management System, and National BAS Personnel Information System for central, county and city government organizations. With centralized development, we expect to reduce costs, enhance resource sharing, standardize operating procedure and enhance the quality and efficiency of government fiscal operations.

3. Development and promotion of BAS information service network

In accordance with latest information technology trends, we seek continuous innovation and actuation of various networked BAS applications, such as the World-Wide Web (WWW) of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), Administration of Knowledge Management (AKM), and electronic Budget, Accounting and Statistics (eBAS) portal.  By automating administrative processes, digitizating message flows, providing knowledge sharing platforms and convenient information services, we can enhance the communication between government BAS personnel and the public; improve the efficiency of BAS operations and the quality of information services.

4. Ensuring service quality of common BAS information system

In order to enhance computing resource usage efficiency and information value, it is important to keep BAS information system running in a stable environment. We continuously make efforts on maintaining computer mainframe, computer room facilities, network resources, technical consultation, development of personal computers and information resources.  Furthermore, in order to share resources, save development and maintenance costs, we intend to establish BAS cloud operation center and to provide common BAS services for all BAS organizations.

5. Planning and administration of information security

In order to ensure uninterrupted service and quality of the BAS information, we are responsible for the security management of information and communication of DGBAS and common BAS information systems, such as draft and practice of business continuity plan of important information systems, auditing, system and personal information protection, and other information security practices. By implementing IT monitoring, contingency planning and protection procedures, the operation security is reinforced. We also advocate the concept of information security and conduct related security trainings to strengthen security awareness of our personnel.