Department of Planning

  • Post date:2012/3/28
  • Update date:2012/3/28

The department is composed of 4 sections, which are in charge of the planning and research of the budget, accounting and statistics (BAS) system; administrative evaluation of the DGBAS; planning and supervision of the government internal control affairs.

1. Planning and research

In response to the political and economic changes and for the need of overall government operation, the Planning and Research Section is continuously devoted in improving and developing BAS policies and systems, and in coordinating the developments of BAS laws, regulations and procedures.

2. Administrative evaluation

For enhancing DGBAS's capacity of policy evaluation, the Administrative Evaluation Section is responsible for the management of execution planning, performance evaluation, legal affairs and important meetings, as well as other comprehensive activities.

3. Internal control planning

In order to strengthen the internal control mechanisms in government, the Internal Control Planning Section continuously collects the theoretical development and the practical operation of internal control in domestic and foreign governments and enterprises so as to integrate, plan and establish /amend the regulations and practices of the government internal control system.

4. Internal control supervision

Through the "Task Force for Promotion and Supervision of Internal Control", and for the government internal control to function well vertically and horizontally, the Internal Control Supervision Section oversights all administrative agencies to review and improve the existing deficiencies, report influential issues, and supervise the subordinate agencies to implement the internal control effectively.