Republic of China 2006 Final Central Government Report Subsidiary Agency Final Report and General Table (non-business section) Analysis

  • Post date:2007/7/5
  • Update date:2007/7/5

  Fiscal year 2006 (hereafter refers to as “this year”) Central Government General Annual Report Subsidiary Agency Annual Report and Combined Statement for the nonprofit subsidiary agency section, included subsidiary agency annual reports of 94 units. The verified results are as follows: (I) For 74 units of Operations Funds, the final revenue amounted to NT$310,428,141,574.09, and the final costs & expenses amounted to NT$285,767,896,586.24. After offsetting the revenue with the costs & expenses, this year left a surplus of NT$24,660,244,987.85, which is NT$4,578,602,987.85 higher than the budget to reach approximately 22.80%, mainly due to decreases in the deficit of the Old Barracks Rebuilding Fund. (II) One unit of Debt Service Fund was listed with the fund source in the amount of NT$646,189,814,730 and usage amounted to NT$646,499,214,741. After offsetting the fund source with the fund uses, this year left a deficit of NT$309,400,011. Compared to the budget, an decrease of NT$315,357,011 was recorded, mainly brought about by principle/interest backflow of past-due unredeemed government bonds outside of the Central Government Debt Service Fund Budget. (III). The eighteen units of Special Revenue Fund were compiled with a fund source of NT$138,798,815,896.80 and fund usage of NT$133,384,373,626.64, yielding a surplus of NT$5,414,442,270.16 this year. After offsetting the actual surplus with the projected deficit, the budget deficit was converted into surplus instead, with a difference of NT$23,136,630,270.16. This was mainly due to the Agricultural Special Revenue Fund not implementing the budget for investments into agricultural financial institutions and the decreases in the expenditures of the Economic Special Revenue Fund. (IV)One unit of Capital Project Fund was recorded with fund source in the total of NT$6,663,401,302 and fund usage in the amount of NT$3,916,983,854, leaving in surplus of NT$2,746,417,448 this year. Compared to the budget surplus, a decrease of NT$3,165,008,552 was recorded, due to the suspension on land selling of the Old Barracks Rebuilding Fund.