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This department is composed of 2 sections, which are in charge of the promotion of local governmental official statistics, and deal with green national accounts statistics, family income and expenditures statistics.

1.The Promotion of Local Governmental Official Statistics

For the purpose of boosting the quality and efficiency of local governmental official statistics, we impetus local governments to build up official statistical promotion strategies as well as information system and assist them to integrate and apply the statistical information.

2.Green national account statistics

To establish economic and social welfare indicators that include environmental elements, green national accounts are prepared annually in accordance with the order that stipulates, “The Executive Yuan should prepare green national accounts on a trial basis” Article 29 of the Budget Law. The accounts measure reserves and consumption of natural resources, pollutant emissions, changes of the environment quality, the natural resources depletion and environmental degradation.

3.Family income and expenditures statistics

The Family Income and Expenditures Survey is held for the purpose of learning the inflow of income and outflow of expenditures about the families. The statistics represents the allocations of family income, expenditure and savings. The results can be used to estimate private-sector expenditure and prepare consumer price index weights.

  • Post date:2013-06-21
  • Update date:2013-06-21