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The Price Indices for September 2017

Contact Information : Price Statistics Section, Department of Statistics, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)
Tel : 886-2-2380-3449

The CPI in September 2017 was 105.99 (2011=100) which stayed unchanged from August, and rose 0.50% compared with the same month of 2016. The WPI was 85.39 (2011=100) which increased 0.65% from the preceding month, and rose 1.62% compared with the same month of 2016.

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Table 1 The Changes of Consumer Price Indices (EXCEL) (ODF)
Table 2 The Changes of Wholesale Price Indices (EXCEL) (ODF)
Table 3 The Changes of Import Price Indices (EXCEL) (ODF)
Table 4 The Changes of Export Price Indices (EXCEL) (ODF)