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Windows Accountants and Statisticians Personnel Information System

  • Release Department:Department of Information Management


Windows “Accountants and Statisticians Personnel Information System” has been developed for easy personnel information management. Central Personnel Administration and Ministry of Civil Service are the government offices that establish various rules governing personnel information management. Without contravening such rules, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) has established supplementary rules regarding personnel information management of accountants and statisticians.
Ninety percent of the rules established by DGBAS are identical with those by Central Personnel Administration. Therefore, DGBAS decided to base their system on the Windows “Public Service Personnel Management Information System” developed by Central Personnel Administration, deleting unneeded features and adding needed ones to complete a new software fitting the needs of the DGBAS.


  1. Organization Sub-System: creation and maintenance of organization basic information, internal offices information, budget, staff, existing prescribed number of personnel, function of office.
  2. Personal Information Sub-System: creation, query, modification and deletion of new resume personal information; personnel information code number adopts “National Public Servants Personnel Information Uniform Code Number Book” posted on July 1, 1997.
  3. Employment, Discharge, Promotion and Transfer Sub-System: promotion, employment/discharge salary decisions, qualifications evaluation, employment/discharge.
  4. Rewards and Punishments Sub-System: rewards and punishments, rewards and punishments statistics, medals for service.
  5. Merit Sub-System: performance review of those resigning and those retiring, year-end performance review, supervisory office appraisal and promotion affairs.
  6. Retirement and Compensation Sub-System: retirements, compensation awards, list of retirees, current year’s retirement statistics.
  7. Statistics Sub-System: quarterly reports and personnel statistics.
  8. Decision Support Sub-System: personnel rosters inquiries, import subordinate organizations’ various statistics, import government employees and teachers statistics, vacancies review.
  9. Photo Management Sub-System: photo data maintenance, photo batch scan, creation of photo index and association, photo batch input/output, multiple photo access.
  10. Accountants/Statisticians Special Treatment Sub-System: organization, employment/discharge monthly reports, performance reviews, personnel statistics, flexible recruitment, semi-annual reports, resumes of candidates for vacancies, vacancies, business meeting rosters, key personnel rosters
  11. System Administration Sub-System: user data management, system data maintenance, data reconfiguration, backups, recoveries.
  12. Online Assistance: online assistance provides user queries of function keys, fields, operating procedures by topic, index or key word.

System Status

Since its issue on December 1, 2001, many functions of the system have been upgraded several times with users’ feedback and the automation of personnel operations by Central Personnel Administration and Ministry of Civil Service. The latest version is v. 5.00.
Offices using this system are encouraged to maintain office and personal data with this system. The system may be used for organization; employment and discharge, promotion and transfer; rewards and punishments; performance review; retirement and consolation and operations for creating personnel statistical reports. The system may also be used for accessing data of personnel.

Application Status

  1. Personal data upload capacity: 14,036 persons
  2. Number of offices using the system: 267 (DGBAS, Information Management Center ), all Level 1 BAS offices and some Level 2 BAS offices and under)
  3. 4-6 training sessions are given each year in June and December.

Contact Persons

Ms. Demi Lin,Research and Training Division, Information Management Center, DGBAS, Executive Yuan
Tel: (02) 2380-3918
Fax: (02) 2380-3919