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Republic of China 2006 Final Central Government Report Subsidiary Agency Final Report and General Table (business section) Analysis

  • Release Department:Department of Accounting and Financial Reporting

  Fiscal Year 2006 (hereafter refers to as “this year”) Central Government General Annual Report Subsidiary Agency Annual Report and Combined Statement for the state-owned enterprise section, listed subsidiary agency annual reports of 23 units. Sub-annual reports for 2 units of subsidiary agencies customarily were compiled into the above annual reports of each original investing subsidiary agency in the form of consolidated statements; with no singular listings. After verification, operational revenues and costs & expenses were amended with an additional income of NT$208,879,032.38 and costs & expenses of NT$627,295,713.46, while total revenue was recorded at NT$3,092,201,685,837.54 and total costs & expenses amounted to NT$2,829,953,047,660.4. After offsetting the revenue with the costs & expenses, net profit generated this year came to a total of NT$262,248,638,177.14. Compared to the budget, an increase of NT$112,376,648,177.14 reached approximately 74.98%. This was mainly due to increases in foreign currency trading, profit rates and interest incomes of the Central Bank of China (Republic of China).
  Overall, global economy was influenced by fuel price hike and interest rate boosts from leading countries during this period. However, under such high competition brought about by economic liberalization and internationalization, state-owned enterprises were still able to follow the government policies, reinforce fixed asset investments, stabilize energy prices and upgrade service qualities, effectively modulate commodities and finances, accomplish administrative innovations, streamline human resources and retrench costs, upgrade operational efficiency and enhance fiscal income. At the same time, state-own enterprises have also taken on their social responsibilities to value ecological and environmental protection as well as pollution prevention, strengthened research and development, and promoted automation operation to elevate industrial technology standards. All above measures taken have made substantial contribution to the national economy, finance and society.